Hilla Arnon Laniado, RYT - Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga Therapist – IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapy

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About Hilla Arnon

RYT Registered Yoga Teacher
(Yoga Alliance USA / Israeli Yoga Teacher's Association)

Registered Senior Yoga Teacher
(Wingate Institute, Israel)

Certified Yoga Therapist – IAYT
(International Association of Yoga Therapy)

CMA Certified Movement Analyst
(Laban Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies, NY USA)

B.Ed Dance and Movement
(Empire State College, NY USA)

I am intrigued by our body's wisdom and its efficiency in movement. I study and explore mind, body & movement interrelations through: study and practice of Yoga, Laban Movement Analysis, Anatomy and Kinesiology, Dance and Voice work.

Yoga practice cultivates efficient and dynamic alignment based on growing awareness of body and mind. This process enhances healing and balancing qualities that may help to:

- Strengthen areas of weakness in the body
- Release habitual holding patterns & tension build-ups
- Improve the body's flexibility
- Enhance body metabolism
- Ease body aches and pains
- Calm the mind and sharpen concentration
- Promote positive mood & state of mind

Yoga practice begins with the nonjudgmental observation of that which is present (i.e. body, breath, mood, thoughts, alignment, and movement patterns).
This kind of neutral awareness is the base from which processes of growth and change can evolve.

Anybody who wishes to learn yoga can enjoy the fruits of this practice, regardless of age, fitness, flexibility or experience.

To find a Yoga class that suits your needs, please contact Hilla Arnon Laniado

Call: 052-4569898 / e-mail: hillaarnon@gmail.com

Yoga Group classes

Sun       8:30-10 am      @:Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv

Mon      6-7:30 pm       @: Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv

Mon      8–9:30 pm      @: Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv

Tue      8 – 9:30 am   @:  Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv (PRENATAL)

Fri       9–10:30 am     @: Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv

For more information, please call: 052-4569898 or e-mail: hillaarnon@gmail.com

Private Yoga Class

In a private yoga class, I design the practice to accommodate the student's individual needs.

A private yoga class allows me to fully take into consideration specific alignment issues and special conditions, such as back aches, knee problems, and other situations, in order to create a beneficial and healthy practice for the student.

To schedule a private yoga class, please
call: 052-4569898 or e-mail: hillaarnon@gmail.com

Yoga Therapy class

Yoga Therapy is highly recommended for people with various conditions that introduce physical limitations in their daily life and who are unable to attend a conventional yoga class. In a Yoga Therapy class students can enjoy and benefit from Yoga practice and, in many cases, experience improvement in their condition.

I structure Yoga therapy classes to meet the specific needs of the students. The practice is designed to accommodate individual physical abilities and limitations arising from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, When dealing with cancer, diaphragmatic hernia, back pain, knee problems and other various situations.

To schedule a Private Yoga Therapy class, please
call: 052-4569898 or e-mail: hillaarnon@gmail.com